What Is Music?: A Music Podcast About R.E.M.

Will of the People (Pt. 1)

July 24, 2023 Adam Scott Glasspool, Steve Murphy, Lucas Way Season 4 Episode 69
What Is Music?: A Music Podcast About R.E.M.
Will of the People (Pt. 1)
Show Notes

The Big Mates discuss the human centipede of seeing things, NFTs, colour grading, and Will of the People by Muse.

Adam, Steve, and Lucas return to their Season 2 subject, Muse, in order to dissect and explore the band's ninth and most recent album, Will of the People. They talk about the writing and recording process, the context surrounding the songs, and offer up analysis, opinions, and thoughts from three differing perspectives on music, from being deeply into analysis and music, to not caring for art or critique, and everything in between.

They touch on the recording process, the impetus of recreating a "Best Of" compilation, the thorny political themes of the album, and the ever-quotable Matt Bellamy. Pandemics, wildfires, conspiracy theories, shadow governments - it must be a Muse album!

Is Plug in Baby on this album? What's the difference between trivia and facts? Do you know why the moon and the sun look the same size? Find out on this episode of What Is Music?

Join us next week for the conclusion of our deep-dive into Will of the People!

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